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Your Family Is Our Business

If you would like to protect your family's finances after you're gone, Wiedenkeller Insurance will provide you with life insurance quotes. We offer whole life permanent insurance, cash value, dividend policies, mortgage protection insurance, and term life insurance policies. To get a custom quote, call us now.

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Whole Life Permanent

We recommend that heads of families purchase this insurance when you are younger and healthier because it requires a medical history. The older you are, the higher the cost of the policy premium will be. If a medical problem arises, you will not be able to qualify.

This type of policy will help pay for medical expenses when you are older and help cover end-of-life costs. Whole life permanent insurance has cash value, will increase each year and is equal to the premium.

Mortgage Life

Make sure that your home is paid for in case of death by purchase mortgage life insurance. This policy will pay off the remaining balance on your mortgage when you pass away. We will advise you about this type of coverage during your consultation.